Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies


The biscuit tin at work is always a source of temptation to me. One of the most popular choices amongst my colleagues is the chocolate chip cookie. I always eye them up lovingly (the cookies, not my colleagues!), so I was delighted when I spotted these free from cookies in Tesco. Not only gluten and wheat free, they’re labelled dairy free and no egg is listed on the ingredients either. Continue reading


Tesco Finest Free From Truffles

Quick note: I’m not sure whether these are still available, but they are included in this Tesco Finest Free From Caramel Easter Egg!

Unless you’re a fan of dark chocolate, I imagine that one thing that people really miss when they eliminate dairy from their diets is chocolate. Luckily there’s a big range of dairy free chocolate bars available, but there seems to be fewer options when it comes to more indulgent ‘chocolate box’-style offerings.

I was in Tesco on Valentine’s Day when I spotted these truffles from Tesco’s own Finest range. When I first saw them I didn’t even realise that they were dairy free Continue reading

An Introduction

Hey! I’m Gemma. A 23 year old living in Devon, England.

In 2014 I graduated from the University of Exeter. During my time at university I lived on a typical student’s diet: quick and easy meals, ‘junk food’ snacks, and booze! In my final year of uni, my boyfriend and I decided to try and get a little healthier. We signed up to a veg box subscription and started cooking more meals from scratch. It was good and I felt some benefit from having more nutritious foods in my diet.

Despite also feeling a little better, my boyfriend had experienced IBS-type problems for as long as he could remember and was also now struggling with thyroid issues and suspected Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. During his quest to find out what could help to alleviate his symptoms he found several articles detailing the negative relationship that gluten can have with the body. The more he read, the more he wanted to try cutting gluten out of his diet. Continue reading