Aldi Free From Food Haul


I don’t ever really go to Aldi. It’s not very close to where I live and whenever I’ve previously been in they’ve never had much in the way of free from foods. However, after reading this review of their paleo snack bars I took a look on their website and saw that they’ve expanded their gluten free range! As Aldi is well known for their cheap prices, I decided that it was worth taking a trip to my local store and seeing what they had to offer. I was really surprised at what was available. They don’t stock as much as the larger supermarkets, but there was still a good amount of choice. I ended up picking up a few items and thought that I’d share my finds with you. I’ll be posting reviews of the various products over the next couple of weeks.

20170302_202234587Kicking things off are the paleo bars that drove me to Aldi in the first place. Unfortunately they didn’t have the boxes of them, but they did have the individually wrapped ones. I picked up a brazil nut and cherry one and the macadamia and coconut one. I really like the principles of the paleo diet and have always been intrigued to try one of the many paleo snack bars available, but the price of them has always put me off. These bars were just 49p each – cheaper than a chocolate bar!
A box of five is £1.99. Cashew ones are also available and they’re all gluten and dairy free.

Next up are these cacao brownie bars. They appear to be very similar to another, but more expensive, brand that I’ve seen. Aldi’s version only cost £1.49 for a box of three.20170302_155752533
I love a fudgy chocolate brownie (check out my quick and easy chocolate brownie recipe), but we all know that they’re not the healthiest of snacks. My boyfriend’s also been yearning after a Snicker’s since he cut out dairy, so I thought that these bars might help to dull our cravings and satisfy our sweet tooth. We had a try of them this afternoon and they’re really good! Gluten, milk and soya free, they ticked all of the boxes for me.

20170302_182830531I’m not entirely sure why I picked these rice cakes up. My spontaneity about what I’m putting in my basket tends to increase the fuller it gets – at this point my arms were aching from the weight of my shopping (why did I decide that I also needed a big bag of potatoes?). But hey, rice cakes are light and chocolate and orange is a fabulous combination. These bars were in the basket as soon as I saw that they were gluten and dairy free. 79p for five.

Right, chocolate time…

20170302_182910529I love dark chocolate. My mind is still undecided on chilli chocolate, but any other flavour? Bring it on! I always get really annoyed when dark chocolate contains some form of milk fat or lactose (I’m looking at you, Lindt). Why is it necessary? Fortunately, these Moser Roth options are completely free from dairy. You get five individually wrapped bars per pack (great for those like me who lack self control with a large bar of chocolate) for £1.29.  I couldn’t decide between the chocolate and almond or the mint, so I got both.

20170302_191519528Finally, I just had to get one of these Choceur dark chocolate bunnies. I really wasn’t expecting them to be dairy free, but they were! Although I’m sure that I’ll also be getting Lindt’s original version (which doesn’t contain any anhydrous milk fat, unlike many of its dark chocolate bars), at 79p compared to the £4 that I’ve seen Lindt’s selling for, I thought that this was definitely worth a try.

All in all, my trip to Aldi was very successful. Other gluten free products that I spotted included chocolate biscuit bars and cookies, although these contained dairy. They also had some branded items, such as Newburn Bakehouse bread and sandwich thins and Nestle GoFree cereals, all of which were either the same price or cheaper than they are in larger supermarkets. You can see many of the items that they stock on their website.
Eating a free from diet can end up being costly, but I imagine that continuing to buy certain products from Aldi would help to reduce my weekly shopping bill. I’ll definitely be returning to Aldi soon and hope that they’ll continue to expand their free from range.

Have you found any great free from purchases at Aldi? Let me know in the comments below!


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